How To Get Rid Of Carpet Bugs


Carpet pest control is an important element in the protection of our health and money. Pests can come in many shapes and sizes. But when it comes to our floor coverings – carpet bugs can be a real nuisance. Besides being annoying and frustrating, these little organisms can cause a lot of financial and health problems.

And that is why homeowners should pay attention and look for ways to exterminate carpet beetles.

– What Exactly Are Carpet Bugs?

Carpet beetles feed on cotton, linen, fur, hair. Which means that they are scavengers and that our houses offer a lot of opportunities for them to thrive and prosper. The most widespread type of carpet beetles is called black carpet beetle, but there are some other kinds as well. Such as varied, common, or furniture carpet beetle.

Just like the majority of beetles, these destructive critters can fly. And certain scents and odors attract them inside of our houses. During their four stages of life (eggs, larvae, pupae, adults), the larvae stage is the most dangerous for our carpets and furniture. Larvae can dig and burrow into the fabrics, eating away the material. Which can significantly damage our floor coverings.

– Efficient Extermination Methods

The most effective method in the battle against these pests is prevention. In other words, good housekeeping is the best solution. And regular vacuuming and cleaning of your carpets will remove all unwanted visitors. Keeping your rugs clean and dry is the essential prerequisite for eliminating the nasty critters. And a lot of other problems will be swept away during the regular cleaning session.


Since larvae of the carpet bugs are usually hidden in obscure places, it is not so easy to exterminate them completely. Prevention spray or boric acid, which is not harmful to humans because of its low toxicity, are good options, and they can certainly help in the battle against carpet beetles.

However, professional assistance is your best option in times of crisis, and licensed and equipped technicians are the best when it comes to performing pest control. They have the necessary tools and state-of-the-art equipment, and this makes the process much faster and more efficient.

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