Dealing With Carpet Bugs

Carpet Beetles

We all know how kids enjoy playing and lying around on soft and warm rugs. And that is why it is imperative that we keep our floor coverings in immaculate condition. Of course, this is easier said than done, simply because carpets and rugs are usually located in high-traffic areas. And we continuously soil them with dirt, sand, grit, pet hair, and similar contaminants. Furthermore, carpets can be “contaminated” with irritating and annoying insects. Which can be a real nuisance.

Termites, cockroaches, and carpet beetles, in particular, are all dangerous to our belongings and health as well. And that is why it is important to exterminate them as soon as they appear.

– Characteristics Of Carpet Beetles

Our carpets and rugs are created out of a complicated network of delicate fibers. And these fibers are a perfect location for larvae of these insects. Just like the rest of them, these bugs also go through four stages in life – eggs, larvae, pupae, adulthood.


Larvae are the most destructive towards the human belongings, such as carpets, furniture, clothes, etc. They feed on linen, wool, cotton, fur, human hair, and so on, and that is why it is relatively easy for them to find enough food within our floor coverings and to reproduce.

– Most Effective Extermination Methods

Humans experimented with pest control even 4.000 years ago, and during the centuries – highly efficient methods and techniques have evolved. We can now effectively fight off any infestation, and carpet pets are no exception. Even though these insects are usually hiding in dark and obscure places, trained and knowledgeable experts can expose them to chemicals which will “do the job” and eliminate the critters once and for all.


However, the most efficient method in the battle against these critters is prevention. What this means is that all homeowners should perform regular cleaning sessions on their carpets and rugs. Since our domestic vacuums are not strong enough to extract everything that may be contained within that fine network of fabrics, it is best to leave the matter to the professionals and hire a carpet cleaning company.

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