How To Get Rid Of Carpet Bugs


Carpet pest control is an important element in the protection of our health and money. Pests can come in many shapes and sizes. But when it comes to our floor coverings – carpet bugs can be a real nuisance. Besides being annoying and frustrating, these little organisms can cause a lot of financial and health problems.

And that is why homeowners should pay attention and look for ways to exterminate carpet beetles.

– What Exactly Are Carpet Bugs?

Carpet beetles feed on cotton, linen, fur, hair. Which means that they are scavengers and that our houses offer a lot of opportunities for them to thrive and prosper. The most widespread type of carpet beetles is called black carpet beetle, but there are some other kinds as well. Such as varied, common, or furniture carpet beetle.

Just like the majority of beetles, these destructive critters can fly. And certain scents and odors attract them inside of our houses. During their four stages of life (eggs, larvae, pupae, adults), the larvae stage is the most dangerous for our carpets and furniture. Larvae can dig and burrow into the fabrics, eating away the material. Which can significantly damage our floor coverings.

– Efficient Extermination Methods

The most effective method in the battle against these pests is prevention. In other words, good housekeeping is the best solution. And regular vacuuming and cleaning of your carpets will remove all unwanted visitors. Keeping your rugs clean and dry is the essential prerequisite for eliminating the nasty critters. And a lot of other problems will be swept away during the regular cleaning session.


Since larvae of the carpet bugs are usually hidden in obscure places, it is not so easy to exterminate them completely. Prevention spray or boric acid, which is not harmful to humans because of its low toxicity, are good options, and they can certainly help in the battle against carpet beetles.

However, professional assistance is your best option in times of crisis, and licensed and equipped technicians are the best when it comes to performing pest control. They have the necessary tools and state-of-the-art equipment, and this makes the process much faster and more efficient.

Efficient Ways To Eliminate Carpet Pests

Carpet Pests

Pests, or unwanted animal visitors, have plagued our homes even from the early days of the human race. As a matter of fact, the first ones to use chemicals in the battle against pests were Sumerian. And the traces of this activity lead us back 4.500 years. Insecticides, predominantly sulfur. Were used by other civilizations as well, but the methods have evolved over the centuries.

Bed Bug

Nowadays, pest control is an area that provides science-based methods and well-researched products. And the services of pest cleaning companies are performed in a controlled and professional manner.

– Destructive Effects Of Carpet Bugs

Our soft and warm floor coverings provide us with heat, protection, and aesthetic value. And we all love to play with kids on our rugs and carpets. However, unwanted visitors can damage those surfaces, and when it comes to carpet beetles – they can even pose a threat to human health. That is why it is vital that we exterminate them as soon as these annoying critters appear. And there are several effective methods on the current market for accomplishing this task.

Carpet bugs are the most common type of pests that attack our floor coverings. Although they are not the only ones. Carpet beetle come in several shapes and sizes, but the most widespread type is the black carpet beetle. These small bugs can fly, and they are brought indoors usually by accident. Also, they are attracted to certain odors, which may be the reason why they will come inside. And make one of our rugs the place where they will lay their eggs.

– How To Eliminate Carpet Pests

carpet-beetle-insecticidePrevention is the best solution for a lot of problems in life, and the same applies to carpet pests as well. Good housekeeping, i.e. regular cleaning sessions with extensive vacuuming are the number one technique for keeping your homes safe and healthy. However, if the bugs do get in and their larvae starts drilling inside your rugs and causing damage, your best option is to call a professional cleaning service. Trained and licensed technicians will quickly and efficiently exterminate any sign of pests, and your carpets will be warm and soft once again.

Dealing With Carpet Bugs

Carpet Beetles

We all know how kids enjoy playing and lying around on soft and warm rugs. And that is why it is imperative that we keep our floor coverings in immaculate condition. Of course, this is easier said than done, simply because carpets and rugs are usually located in high-traffic areas. And we continuously soil them with dirt, sand, grit, pet hair, and similar contaminants. Furthermore, carpets can be “contaminated” with irritating and annoying insects. Which can be a real nuisance.

Termites, cockroaches, and carpet beetles, in particular, are all dangerous to our belongings and health as well. And that is why it is important to exterminate them as soon as they appear.

– Characteristics Of Carpet Beetles

Our carpets and rugs are created out of a complicated network of delicate fibers. And these fibers are a perfect location for larvae of these insects. Just like the rest of them, these bugs also go through four stages in life – eggs, larvae, pupae, adulthood.


Larvae are the most destructive towards the human belongings, such as carpets, furniture, clothes, etc. They feed on linen, wool, cotton, fur, human hair, and so on, and that is why it is relatively easy for them to find enough food within our floor coverings and to reproduce.

– Most Effective Extermination Methods

Humans experimented with pest control even 4.000 years ago, and during the centuries – highly efficient methods and techniques have evolved. We can now effectively fight off any infestation, and carpet pets are no exception. Even though these insects are usually hiding in dark and obscure places, trained and knowledgeable experts can expose them to chemicals which will “do the job” and eliminate the critters once and for all.


However, the most efficient method in the battle against these critters is prevention. What this means is that all homeowners should perform regular cleaning sessions on their carpets and rugs. Since our domestic vacuums are not strong enough to extract everything that may be contained within that fine network of fabrics, it is best to leave the matter to the professionals and hire a carpet cleaning company.

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