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We are the company with a long-lasting history and tradition, and we have earned the respect of our clients by delivering high-quality services and performing our tasks in a reliable and professional manner. Our teams are ready to do deal with any infestation that you may have in your house, and pests stand no chance against our trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment. Furthermore, we have a policy of using only the most recent scientific discoveries, and our science-based approach of critter control Orlando is delivering satisfying results.

Pest control is an important activity, simply because these animals and organisms are a threat to human health, ecology, and even economy. With our innovative products, which are all Eco-friendly and perfectly safe, you can get rid of those annoying and irritating visitors once and for all. We use a wide variety of methods, and our customizable solutions can be adapted to your specific needs.

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Pest control mechanisms were used 4.500 years ago in the Sumerian civilization, and this clearly shows the importance of taking care of bed bugs and other pest. Of course, chemicals similar to those that we are using today started to appear much later, in the 18th and 19th century.

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But the importance of regulation and management of unwanted animal species remains high. Our services are designed to provide you with the best protection against infestations, and we can exterminate all sorts of pests.

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Also, we use a broad range of hi-tech tools and equipment, such as UV lights, moisture meters, heavy-duty vacuums, and so on, to quickly dispose of any critters that may be causing damage to your carpets, furniture or some other element of your household.

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Unwanted invaders, such as cockroaches, mice, bedbugs, termites, and especially carpet beetles, are easy targets for our highly efficient products.

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The “quality” of the team plays a significant role in the results in the end, and that is why we are so proud to say that we have gathered a team of highly capable experts and that their knowledge is a valuable asset in the battle against pests and infestations.

Shane Melaugh

“Best company you can hire”

Tom is our leading pesticide applicator, and this makes him in charge of our team. He is a licensed technician, with a college degree in microbiology, and this is also one of the reasons why we have a lot of faith in his abilities and expertise.

Tom Stewart
Pesticide Applicator

Shane Melaugh

“We know where there are hiding”

Pesticide and chemicals usually require a chemist to deal with them, and Susan is our designated chemical engineer. With years of experience in the business, she always knows what she is doing, and that is why our products are so successful.

Susan Danuet

Shane Melaugh

“No more annoying pests”

David is the newest member of our team, but he does not lack knowledge or experience, and that is why he quickly accepted our methods and systems of working. He is a certified biologist, and his friendly and relaxed attitude give a significant boost to our team spirit.

Squirrels are among the most versatile animals. They can be discovered in many different areas all over the world and in various environments. While their natural environment is forested locations, they have quickly adapted to city life. Trees, shrubs, and particles are for the most part where squirrels build their nests. At the same time, however, attics and roofing systems can also quickly end up being squirrel environments. Attics or roof crevices appear natural homes to these rodents because of their proximity to their natural environments, trees. As a result, squirrels often find shelter in our houses and can develop a series of issues.

The first thing you need to do when you are trying squirrel elimination from an attic is to make sure that you, in fact, have squirrels. Small Animal Removal Orlando can be dangerous as there are lots of other small animals that can get inside your home through small holes, such as mice, rats, snakes and other vermin. Animals as large as raccoons are known to obtain into houses; it is in fact typical in specific parts of North America.

Squirrels, just like many other animals consider attics an excellent place to conceal, during bad weather throughout certain seasons of the year. When you have determined exactly what kind of animals you are sharing space with, you can do some research study and familiarize yourself on the most tested elimination techniques. A great place to look for info is the Internet.

What you will find is that the very best strategy would be to very first determine the entry points. It is generally a hole in the siding of the roofing system, chimneys or perhaps more obvious ones such as an open window in the attic. When you have actually identified the entry point get a set of wire traps with one-way doors from your local hardware store. Bait and location the traps near the entry points. When you catch the squirrels, make certain the nest is empty and there are no babies inside. If there are, eliminate them and reunite them with the adult squirrel in your garden.

Eliminate the nest and any particles from inside. Cover the obvious entry points and take a minute to examine the outside of your house for other possible entry points. Specific squirrel removal tasks are more complex than others. If you are handling a more complex squirrel elimination situation, it is recommended to get in touch with an expert wildlife specialist.

Animal control service technicians have a lot more experience handling squirrel removal situations and as specialists, they are more knowledgeable about the threats of performing animal control and removal. Getting rid of wildlife from one's roofing includes climbing on the roofing system, dealing with tools and possibly other unhealthy, unhygienic scenarios.

If you have squirrels causing problems in your home then you may want to consider getting some professional squirrel removal. If you are in Burlington then you may want to consider contacting an Pest control Orlando animal extraction expert. You can get help with all your animal and insect control concerns.

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